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UniPause: Tamagotchi Uni Power Off Button

🚀 UniPause: The Premier Power Off Button for Your Tamagotchi Uni 🚀

Unlock the power to decide when to pause the Tamagotchi Uni with UniPause, ensuring serenity for you and an extended battery life for your virtual pet!

  • One-Hit Power Off: Transform the reset button into a power off function with ease. Simply reactivate your Tamagotchi Uni with a long press on the middle button, picking up right where you left off!
  • Battery-Friendly: When paused, the device powers off completely, conserving battery and enhancing its longevity. Enjoy more playtime with less charging!
  • No-Cut Mod: Designed to preserve your Uni's original look, UniPause is a reversible, alteration-free mod. Its paper-thin form and matching white colour blend seamlessly with the Uni, ensuring aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.
  • DIY or Pro Install: Set up your UniPause smoothly with my straightforward installation video guide. Prefer it professionally installed? Contact me!

💝 With UniPause, embrace the freedom to play and pause at your whim, seamlessly integrating Tamagotchi fun into your everyday life.

🙌 Join the UniPause movement now!

👉 Swipe left to view the installation video guide below.

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