Tamagotchi Center

Tamagotchi Center


Welcome to Tamagotchi Center!

Tamagotchi and virtual pet repairs are my specialty, from vintage to colour models.

Find in the shop all the components I use.

I offer a mail-in repair service, DM me on Instagram @tamagotchi_center or on Discord via my username tamagotchi_center

Conversion services:
  • Get any Meets / ON turned into any other Meets or ON
  • IDL into IDLE

Some models are available in the shop, message me via Instagram or Discord to get your own device converted.

I created WebMeets, an online version of MyMeets. Make custom backgrounds and more!

Generate passwords and QR codes for the Tamagotchi Pix and Connection models.

Tamagotchi collection
Tamagotchi Pastel Meets conversion
Tamagotchi capacitor replacement
Crystal resonator check with oscilloscope
Tamagotchi Meets conversions