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The Center Card - Tamagotchi Smart Complete English Patch - 16MB

The new SD smart card comes with the complete English patch for the Tamagotchi Smart installed. It features a 16MB (128Mb) storage flash chip.

Future proof: whenever an updated version of the English patch is released, flash it using the Center FlashMate and its companion web app!

Just like the Minion card, reuse it to backup other content cards or make your own creations thanks to the FlashMate.

Studded translated about 99% of the Japanese text, if you have any questions regarding the patch itself you may ask him.

Charge your device for 2 hours and keep the USB cable plugged in during the whole procedure.

Do not touch any part of the card while the patching is in progress.

Plug the card and hit the reset button to start the process.

The screen will become white for 2 minutes, then will turn off indicating the procedure is complete.

Take out the card and long press the middle button for 10 seconds to turn the device back on.

  • [2023-09-03] Translated the last string of text left in Japanese: "おでかけするときはなんと かかんとか" (Tamagotchi Center own addition)
  • [2023-08-04] Fixed a typo "I THINK OUT FRIENDSHIP IS PERFECT" -> "I THINK OUR FRIENDSHIP IS PERFECT" (Thanks to Tamagoomy!)
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