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3-course meal sprite
3-course meal
Astronaut food sprite
Astronaut food
Black burger sprite
Black burger
Borscht sprite
Burrito sprite
Cabbage roll sprite
Cabbage roll
Cabbage salad sprite
Cabbage salad
California rolls sprite
California rolls
Cereal sprite
Cheese fondue sprite
Cheese fondue
Chicago style pizza sprite
Chicago style pizza
Chicken wings sprite
Chicken wings
Flower bread sprite
Flower bread
French fries sprite
French fries
Fried chicken sprite
Fried chicken
Fruit salad sprite
Fruit salad
Galbi sushi sprite
Galbi sushi
Garlic shrimp sprite
Garlic shrimp
Gratin sprite
Green Thai curry sprite
Green Thai curry
Gyoza dumplings sprite
Gyoza dumplings
Ham sandwich sprite
Ham sandwich
Hamburger sprite
Heart pizza sprite
Heart pizza
Hors d'oeuvres sprite
Hors d'oeuvres
Hotdog sprite
Jumbo steak sprite
Jumbo steak
Memetchi omelet sprite
Memetchi omelet
Pad Thai sprite
Pad Thai
Pancakes sprite
Party platter sprite
Party platter
Pasta with sauce sprite
Pasta with sauce
Pink curry sprite
Pink curry
Pizza sprite
Pizza toast sprite
Pizza toast
Pottage sprite
Prosciutto melon sprite
Prosciutto melon
Pumpkin gratin sprite
Pumpkin gratin
Ramen noodles sprite
Ramen noodles
Rice casserole sprite
Rice casserole
Rice omelet sprite
Rice omelet
Roast turkey sprite
Roast turkey
Shish kebab sprite
Shish kebab
Shrimp cocktail sprite
Shrimp cocktail
Spaghetti & meatballs sprite
Spaghetti & meatballs
Squid ink risotto sprite
Squid ink risotto
Sushi sprite
Taco sprite
Tama burger sprite
Tama burger
Tama curry sprite
Tama curry
Tama pot pie sprite
Tama pot pie
Tama rice omelet sprite
Tama rice omelet
Tempura sprite
Tom yum sprite
Tom yum
Tower burger sprite
Tower burger
Udon noodles sprite
Udon noodles
Vegetable curry sprite
Vegetable curry
Credits: I adapted the Pix algorithm, available here, for web use with a friendly interface. Thanks to Mr Blinky for the sprites. Explore my collection of Tamagotchi code generators – entirely web-based and free. Enjoy!